Accept Office Furniture Ergonomics to Boost Your Productivity at the Workplace

“Humans were given the power of movement and are not made for sedentary lifestyles. Yet most of them spend their lives sitting atop that office furniture.”

It’s not surprising that people who have office jobs for nearly 5 to 9 hours, often face the following problems –

  • Neck, elbow, back pain and unpleasant cramps.
  • Nerve root compression.
  • Exhaustion and frustration.

However, the main culprit behind the above illnesses is the wrong posture.

Here comes the proof:

Check the results of a study conducted by HSE –

furnish your home & OfficeAccording to HSC’s study on bad workplace posture, they found that one out of 3 workers was affected with the ill disposition in the past year or 2016-17 as a result of poor office furniture Dubai. In fact, 39% of workers had musculoskeletal disorders. That’s not all!

Nearly 40 % of these workers suffered from workplace stress and depression.

This leads to a loss of almost, 31.2 million working days, which leads to major monetary loss. The estimated sum of loss is calculated to amount to £14.9 billion.

So, incorrect posture can make one’s body fatigued leading to early exhaustion and inefficiency in performing daily life chores

Therefore, with lousy posture, there comes to drop in productivity naturally.

But what contributes to this bad posture apart from working long?

Ignoring furniture ergonomics!

Did you know that paraphernalia, especially your office furniture desks play a vital part in boosting productivity?

Sure, you may think, you provide good ambience, facilitate good inter-personal colleague-boss relationships, then why is employee’s productivity hampering?

It is because of office furniture being improper!


Yes, as mentioned above, the stated ailments are a result of this incorrect furniture ergonomics.

So, what is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is an amalgamation of art and science for creating designs which compliment human behaviour and anatomy. In other words, a designer who creates ergonomic furniture will take into consideration, posture, comfort & design to provide the customer with optimal support and cosiness.

The 3 main purposes of this furniture –

  1. Boosting health and workplace safety.
  2. Improving motivation.
  • And lastly, providing purchasing satisfaction.

So, if you buy ergonomic office paraphernalia, here are the benefits –

  1. Ergonomic furniture helps in maintaining posture and prevents chances of upper body pains.
  2. Corrects the sitting posture, and helps in preventing chances of fatigue which can affect productivity.
  3. Ergonomic desk help maintains proper elbow and eye-coordination, reducing stress on one’s motor skills.
  4. Proper ergonomics also prevent the chances of musculoskeletal disorders.
  5. The ROI given by this furniture provide boosting up workplace enthusiasm and motivation.
  6. Ergonomics make it easier for future renovations as they help in adjusting to different changes in the office ambience, i.e. flexible in nature.
  7. Ergonomic chairs and desks also provide comfort by offering ample amount of head, arm and shoulder rest, with proper adjusting options.

As a result, you can get complete freedom to alter the length according to your preference and keep the work ambience comfortable.

So, how to shop for office furniture desks without ignoring ergonomics?

For buying the perfect desk for your office, which understands ergonomics, here are the ways:

  • To monitor the length of the desk, use a tool like bifocal lens and measure, the work area.
  • Stand above your existing desk or a desk to analyse and comprehend which is your most comfy posture while working.
  • Another tip is; take a chair, adjust accordingly to spot the correct height, measure and note it down.

Once you finish, search online and find your office furniture Dubai to add that much needed ergonomic touch in your life. Not to forget, people spend their most productive hours in the office, so a workplace entails appropriate furniture, a mixture of formality and relaxtion.

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